Swatch Takes You To The Most Beautiful Secret Garden In The World

Warm spring in March, flowers bloom, can’t wait for a flower viewing trip? But don’t want to stay in the same old routine of cherry blossom viewing in Japan? On this wonderful spring day, Swatch will immediately take you to the beautiful and inscrutable secret gardens of the world: the original scenery of Monet water lilies, the garden of Monet Garden in Giverny, France is secluded, and people are reluctant to fall in love; In the flower scene, the ladybug is constantly looking for the clover that represents luck; the garden of Chateau Canada is full of flowers, and the flowers are gradually becoming charming in the secret of flowers. Want to have a romantic date with these mysterious gardens? Kasuga’s steps never wait for anyone!

Monet Garden (picture from the Internet)

From left to right: ‘Orchid Cricket’, ‘Love Reluctantly’, ‘Secluded Garden’

Relive my girlhood

   Bonjour! The first stop of Swatch’s Secret Garden is the romantic capital of Paris, France. The magnificent Monet Garden is located in the suburbs of Paris. She is like a naive girl, telling you shyly 100 years ago she and Monet fell in love Touching story. In 1883, the painter Claude Monet passed the Giverny town by train and fell for its tranquility. He lived here quietly, planting flower paintings daily, and creating many world-famous masterpieces until his death. The garden he managed with his heart became famous and became a painter’s paradise. Want to experience this ignorant girl feeling? Follow Monet’s footsteps in the garden to visit the water lily in the pond, and experience the beauty of a European garden dream!
   The ‘Secluded Garden’ sways in the wind, like a flowing waterfall of flowers; the ‘Orchid Cricket’ is elegant and beautiful, with a casual beauty, like a young girl waiting for love; there is nothing more than ‘lovelessness’ Understand the young girl’s heart, and pick up a small daisy, pick a piece of ‘He loves me’, and then pick a piece of ‘He doesn’t love me’, eager to know what the last piece represents, and afraid to see the result that is not expected … Swatch takes you back to the story of Girls’ Generation in this Monet Garden.

Giethoorn (picture from the Internet)

From left to right: ‘Lucky Goddess’, ‘Lucky Horseshoe’, ‘Lucky Ladybug’
Reveal March Lucky Flower
   Hoi! Leaving the Monet Garden full of girlish feelings, follow Swatch to the idyllic wonderland of Giethoorn in the Netherlands to find the mysterious lucky goddess! Giethoorn is known as the ‘Green Venice’. It is located in the DeWieden Nature Reserve. The terrain is low, swamps are scattered, creeks are crisscrossed, lush reeds on the shore, and little ladybugs are dancing happily among the clover symbolizing luck … It’s like a paradise here, no doubt, the goddess of fortune must live here in seclusion!

   Want to be lucky for a long time? The ‘Goddess of Fortune’, who has long understood everything, engraved the little horseshoe mixed with earthy taste and the happy little ladybug with luck and printed it on the Swatch watch! The horseshoe has always been regarded as a lucky thing. It comes from the allusions in Goethe’s Narrative Ballads to warn the world that God gave the lucky horseshoe a good grasp, so that he would not waste good luck. And the seven-star ladybug is the legendary messenger of the Virgin Mary in heaven. Did you find such a little cute creature in Yangjiao Village, a secret garden?

Chater Garden (pictures from the Internet)

From left to right: ‘Green Trees’, ‘Flowers and Eyes’, ‘Flower Secrets’
Feel the warm years

   Hello! After a wonderful date with pastoral style, Swatch will continue to take you to visit the secret garden and appreciate the endless charm of spring flowers. In Victoria, Canada, there is a famous Chatter Garden. The ring of time has turned for 100 years. The garden has gradually added romantic fountains, rose gardens, Japanese gardens and Italian gardens from the first few pea flowers and roses. Dazzling, it has become Canada’s most famous garden in one fell swoop. It feels like being trapped in the sea of ​​flowers, and it is more like chasing and playing with a young girl who is enthusiastically and enthusiastically.
   Fascinated by the flowers in this ‘green tree’ and can’t bear to take them off? Such a dream-like year of love is really ‘sexy’, let Swatch help you wrap around your wrist! The lilac daisies set off the ‘flower secret’ of colorful lilies. It seems that you are telling a legendary story, letting you linger in the secret garden and be close to the beauty of spring.