Sweet Qixi Festival Tissot Table Deep Love Dedication

Romantic Pairings Compose Happy Love Songs
     Looking up at the summer night sky, among the stars, two twinkling and lonely starlights are distantly facing at both ends, which can not help but reminiscent of the ancient legend of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl, a timeless and profound myth story telling the romantic feelings of ancient and modern, modern people In love, it is inevitable that you also have to go through the test of distance and waiting. After time passes, miss will precipitate another kind of feelings for each other’s emotions. The exquisite and elegant pair watch is most suitable to commemorate the deep thoughts of each other. Remember Each unforgettable precious time makes the lovers who separate the two places no longer limited by time and space. It is always with the lover every minute and second, and feels the sweetness and happiness of love at all times. It is a watch with commemorative value and practicality. It is easy to burn away without passing time, and it is a perfect witness of the eternal truth of the relationship between the two.

TISSOT Couturier Architect Series
Witness the beautiful love tunes of Metropolitan Lovers
     Metropolitan style is popular. In a modern metropolis that emphasizes speed and quality, elegant, stylish, clean and simple watches are the best choice for metropolitan couples to express their hearts and highlight the elegance of the two. ‘TISSOT Couturier Architect Series “C01.211 Automatic Men’s Watch” and “TISSOT Couturier Series Automatic Women’s Watch” fully demonstrate Tissot’s superb watchmaking craftsmanship and charming style design. 316L stainless steel creates neat and smooth watch lines. ETA, Switzerland The automatic movement created is amazing in terms of accuracy and reliability. The meticulous grinding of the lugs and the multifaceted grinding and polishing of the dial reveal the attention to detail. The overall style of the watch is simple and low-key. In, the exquisite design deserves to be tasted, just like the long flowing emotions among lovers, it is worth remembering at each stage. The romantic moments of Qixi Festival, using Tissot watches to select the watches to witness the long-lasting relationship between the two. TISSOT T-Race Series Racing Watch
Interpretation of the great tacit understanding of lovers on the racing field
     Tissot watches have long been sponsoring world-class sports events, and they also have a bright performance in the design of sports series models. With the enthusiasm of sports events in 2012, ‘TISSOT T-Race Nicky Hayden 2012 Limited Watch’, ‘ “TISSOT T-Race Danica Patrick 2012 Limited Diamond Watch” perfectly reflects the beauty of the racing event. It adopts eye-catching bright red and pure white luster, and incorporates the styling elements of the racing car, allowing the watch to exude extreme sports Enthusiasm! The case is made of stainless steel, emphasizing the sturdiness and durability of the watch. The excellent timing function also elaborates the requirements for speed and accuracy on the sports field. Lovers who love sports style can choose this pair of watches, in addition to showing each other The perfect tacit understanding of the two also highlights their passion and unique personality. In addition, Tissot watches also provide exquisite gifts to fans. From August 1st to August 31st, purchase ‘TISSOT T-Race Danica Patrick limited edition diamond watch 2012’, you can get TISSOT white leather One coin purse; if you purchase the ‘TISSOT T-Race Nicky Hayden 2012 Limited Watch’, you will receive one TISSOT black leather coin purse. The quantity is limited. Please take hold