The French ‘breitling’ Aerobatic Team Started Its First Trip To Japan

It has been a long time since the Fukushima nuclear leak in Japan. With the oblivion of bystanders, few people may pay attention to this place. But in order to give the people of Fukushima more care and tell them that the world has not forgotten them, the Breitling aerobatic flight demonstration team came to this place with a mission.

 According to Japan’s ‘Sankei Shimbun’ reported on May 14, a ‘Breitling’ aerobatic flight demonstration team composed of former French Air Force fighter pilots performed a flight demonstration in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan on the 12th, in order to bless the reconstruction work of the Fukushima earthquake-stricken area. successfully launch.

It is understood that as the first performance in Japan, the ‘Breitling’ aerobatic flight demonstration team went to Fukushima after a ‘small test of the bull’ on the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in Kobe, Japan on the 6th, and participated in ‘Looking Up at the Sky’ on the 11th to support the reconstruction of the disaster area activity. After taking off from Fukushima Airport, they flew over Koriyama, Fukushima, Inawashiro, Kitakata, Aizuwakamatsu, Minamiaizucho and other places. With superb flying skills, they sent a blessing to the reconstruction work of the earthquake-stricken area. .

According to reports, the flight show originally planned to be held on the 12th in the eastern coastal cities of Fukushima Prefecture, Soma City, Minamisoma City, and Onahama Port was cancelled due to weather. The pilots then took a bus to Onamana Port. Local people said they were very excited to get close to the pilots.