The Meaning Of Time 12960 Minutes, 861 Ships Saved 338226 People

Time is life. In 12960 minutes, 861,226 ships saved 338,226 people! miracle!
—- Mr. Ye
September 2, 2017

So is it worth looking at? !!

   Definitely worth it! Directly: Douban scored 8.6, War Wolf scored 7.2


   The last shot left for me was that the Air Force did not return when the fuel tank was almost exhausted, but decided to cover his comrades at sea stubbornly fighting German aircraft to the last minute, burning his own plane waiting for capture.

   In fact, the best role is this ordinary old father. He lost his beloved child due to the war, but still carries two slightly young children, plus an old fishing boat, to give his own strength to the soldiers who saved the motherland. This ‘thin’ combination rushed into the devastated battlefield and assumed the responsibility of rescue for the soldiers.

   The next second, the child on the boat was seriously injured. Will he continue on his way back? There was no hesitation in the old man’s heart, he clenched the rudder, speeded up, and saved the trapped life. . .

This incredibly calm sailing uncle is a real person in history

   The uncle was named Charles Lightoller. He was the second lieutenant of the Titanic. After that, he directed the destroyer HMS Garry to sink a German U-boat UB-110 in World War I. It was a war. hero.
   After retiring from the army, he did some small business, so he bought a 13-person yacht.

   He was 66 years old when Dunkirk retreated in 1940, but he still took his son to the boat across the strait to rescue the desperate soldiers. No one thought of a small yacht that could only carry 13 people. Saved 130 people (55 on deck, 75 on cabin)! One person’s life cost 130 lives.


   We were born in stability, we ca n’t understand the cruelty of war, but we never let us go. The shouts that could not be answered in front of the hospital bed, but the sorrow that tears rained away and the irreparable sorrow, the pain of the heart of the loved ones leaving, life is inevitable. It is precisely this way that the answer from the old man is so heavy.
The country does not exist, why do you think of home!
   When thinking of the phrase ‘How difficult it is to rejuvenate the state’ that was made during the Wenchuan earthquake, and the characteristics of the last Chinese visa for War Wolf, every moment always makes me understand the more complicated emotions behind sadness. Just like the soldier rescued by the old man asked him how to deal with the cold body of the dead child, the old man motioned to push him aside gently. . .
Life suddenly made sense at that moment!
   This film is also an enjoyment of hearing. Super big composer Hans Zimmer cleverly uses the ticking soundtrack of time to interweave with the grand symphony, expressing the sense of tension, intense rhythm and oppression!
   Relive the tension in the tick:
Speaking of time, did you notice it?
   Tom Hardy pilot glanced at a watch.

   In the movie, the CK2129 watch is an Omega watch worn by the Royal Air Force. During the mission, the watch’s unique rotating bezel can set a specific time interval. This function is crucial for pilots in battle. The time interval means the amount of gasoline and its own life.
   In World War II, 2,000 CK2129 watches were sent to Britain. The cream dial is in stark contrast to the Arabic numeral hour and pear-shaped hands on the dial, when the military regarded Omega watches as their combat equipment.

   During the two world wars, Omega was one of the largest suppliers of military watches.

   In just nine days, the maximum retreat record was 2,000 people per hour! A total of 47,310 people were evacuated throughout the day.
That is
Two seconds = one life
   This minute-to-second battle of life reminds me of a special museum series in Omega.

   My cousin kept asking me: What do the blue numbers in the outer circle represent? I took the opportunity to answer.
   First of all: the blue outer circle represents the Tachymeter, which is the number of repetitions of a unit amount in an hour (3600 seconds).
   Example: This blue scale can directly see how many people can board an hour in one minute. For a team of 10 people, the boarding time starts, the second hand is from 12 to 7 o’clock, and it takes 35 seconds for 10 people to board the ship. At this moment the red seconds point to 103 on that outer circle. This represents a total of 103 times 10 = 1030 lives saved in one hour.

   Don’t understand? Leave a message, I will explain one by one.
Mr. Ye accompanied us to remind:
No precious historical photos can be seen in the movie:

Well-equipped German ground forces

French escape from tanks that were directly abandoned

Fishing boat full of British soldiers

Lined up in an orderly manner without interruption, even in the face of air raids by the Luftwaffe

226 British and 17 French ships sunk
British Air Force loses 106 aircraft and shoots down about 140 German aircraft