Unique ‘little Three Hands’ Watch Elegant Collection

‘Little Three Hands’ refers to a watch with a small disc on the dial to indicate seconds. Although the ‘big three hands’ is the product of watch technological progress. However, the elegance and uniqueness of the ‘small three-pin’ dial design is still favored by many watch lovers. Today, I recommend four small three-hand watches with high cost performance.
Vintage Choice–Lady’s Gondolo Series 7041R-001 Manual Mechanical Watch

 No one can own a Patek Philippe, it is just for the custody of the next generation. However, if you can have a Patek Philippe in your life, it will be a lifetime without regrets. This small three-pin female watch of the Gondolo series is equipped with a manually wound mechanical movement 215 PS. The outer edge of the square dial is inlaid with 108 diamonds. The brown Roman numerals and slightly curved sides make the watch classic and elegant. The deep and elegant dark maroon square scale crocodile leather strap has creamy white stitching, giving a strong handmade texture.

 This Patek Philippe watch is like a time traveler, coming to people with charm that has been deposited for hundreds of years. If you love everything that is old and historic, this elegant small three-hand watch is not to be missed, because from the first glance you will think of it as a watch with a story. To match this watch, black skirts and red lips are an excellent choice, and black and white retro striped items are also indispensable elements.
Literary choice-Jacques de Grande Seconde Ceramic series J003036202

 This watch by Jacques de Roy takes the simplicity and purity of beauty to the extreme. The large, one and two circles on the dial form the classic figure of Jacques de Lo, which is recognized by the watch industry as an indispensable high-class elegance. In the selection of the case material, Jacques de Loose uses exquisite white ceramics, white is simple and pure, and the ceramics are as warm as jade. Is there any more wonderful combination than this? In addition to the round and stretched lines, this This new elegant timepiece is accurate and reliable, and it is worth collecting.

 Don’t look at it with its elegant white appearance, but this is a watch for men. The 44 mm diameter is a bit less feminine and a bit more domineering, and the white rubber strap adds a bit of sportiness, which is very suitable for boys who have a requirement for the texture of life and yearn for a spiritual journey, with warm colors Knit sweaters, dark jeans, striped backpacks, you can start your journey. Of course, girls can also wear this watch, which will add a bit of dexterity compared to boys.
Fresh choice-Parmigiani Tonda 1950 diamond ultra-thin watch

 While retaining the original elegance and harmonious proportions, Parmigiani launched the new Tonda 1950 diamond watch last year. The recommended rose gold watch with a white pearl dial is equipped with an ultra-thin automatic movement PF 701. The thickness of the movement is only 2.6 mm, and the thickness of the entire case is only 7.8 mm. The watch bezel is inlaid with 84 diamonds. In addition to the bar-shaped hour markers and hour and minute hands, the simple dial is a small seconds dial at the six o’clock position. This exquisite design shows the feminine beauty beyond time and space.

 The combination of white and rose gold makes people’s eyes shine. At the first glance of this watch, it feels very fresh. Girls with a fresh and beautiful temperament must not miss it. This feminine small three-pin female watch is suitable for white and printed items. For example, a white bee waist top with plain printed feet pants, plus a little fragrance, can definitely make it hard to resist. Feminine charm.
Elegant choice-Glashütte PanoInverse XL 66-01-04-04-05

 The most unique feature of this watch is the redesigned movement, which is like a butterfly flying on the dial. This is the double gooseneck fine-tuning device, which can make the rhythm and frequency of mechanical movements extraordinary and precise, with minimal errors. Because of the existence of such an important device, it is possible to see the off-center design on the dial, and this eccentric design brings a unique design sense to the entire watch. I believe that boys who like the beauty of mechanical movement will definitely Such a watch is enchanting.

 Usually we can only see the various precision parts inside the watch through the sapphire crystal case, but this watch exposes all the beauty, and people can’t stand the sight, and then match it with a black alligator leather watch Belt, a low-key sense of luxury is relaxed. The clothes that match this watch can be casual or formal, and different styles show different types of beauty.
 Have a ‘small three-pin’, let elegance and uniqueness rest on your wrist.