Walking In The Clouds Breitling Flight Feast In Lucerne

From June 19th to 28th, Breitling VIPs gathered in Luzern, Switzerland. Many Breitling exclusive flight performance teams and legendary aircraft in the history of aviation brought a gorgeous, Thrilling flight feast. Breitling fans are looking forward to the annual flying event. In early summer in Switzerland, the global Breitling VIPs gathered in Lucerne for a grand celebration.
     Ever since human beings learned to walk, there has been no dream of stopping flying. Above the altitude of 1,000 kilometers, the wind whispers in my ears, the blue sky seems to be within reach, everything is like ants under the feet, and the vast sky in front of me makes the tiny life like … the uninhibited and free flight, reminiscent and dreamy. However, the annual Breitling flying event makes all this more than just a dream.
Breitling Jet Team is ready to go Every Breitling Jet Team performance is a thrilling visual impact
     This year, Breitling invited a number of VIPs from China. Among them, it is known as ‘the leader of China’s real estate industry’, entrepreneur Wang Shi, who loves mountain climbing and has created the oldest record of Everest in China. Among the founders of Global Magazine Sun Mian, the founder of New Weekly, the only one who raised his banner on Everest, and Li Quan, a well-known music producer and singer who composed his life with music, shared the joy of flying with them. Away from the hustle and bustle of the ground, rise into the cool air that few people breathe, overlooking a lake and mountains, and see the charm of Lucerne’s skyline.