Zhiqu Lifestyle Environmentally Friendly Taste Tissot Solar Series Watch

Tissot launched the touch-screen watch in 1999, integrating technology and fashion into this small world. Then in 2014, the brand launched the world’s first solar-powered touch-screen watch, integrating technology into our lives and bringing more convenience to life. This year, Tissot has once again become the official partner timing partner of the Asian Games in Jakarta. To this end, it has launched a special Tengzhi series Asian Games watch. In addition to using solar energy as a constant source of energy, this watch is also very sophisticated in timing. The configuration of the regatta countdown and countdown timer allows you to start a fierce sports match at any time and ignite the passion of the arena. Let’s enjoy this solar watch together. (Watch model: T0914204705700)

Zhiqu Life Environmental Protection Choice

   The Tissot Tengzhi series solar watch uses touch screen technology. The dial is equipped with a solar panel, which can use the inexhaustible sunlight as energy and convert it into electricity to provide power for the watch. This watch is not only under strong light, it can provide power even in low light or under light. Using solar energy as the power source of the watch can not only maintain a lasting power for the watch, but also this design is in line with modern environmental protection concepts and is the best choice for environmentalists.

Watch real shot

   The watch case is made of antimagnetic titanium, which is light and strong. The outline of the watch is tough and full of male masculinity.

   The dial is equipped with a solar panel that uses sunlight as a source of power to charge the watch. The watch is equipped with a regatta countdown function, segmented cumulative timing / simultaneous segmented timing / lap timing function, azimuth function, logbook function, chronograph function, dual alarm, dual time zone, and perpetual calendar with date and day The display settings of these functions are enough to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts. The dial is designed with a touch screen function, which can be turned on with a single touch. Arabic numerals and hands are coated with luminous coating, which can read the information on the dial even in the dark environment.

   The lugs retain the classic design of the original Tengzhi series. The unique triangular lugs smoothly connect between the case and the strap.

   The side of the watch is equipped with adjusting buttons and ergonomic timing buttons for comfortable operation. Of course, you can also adjust the watch by touching the sapphire crystal dial, which is very convenient.

   The red rubber strap is more delicate to touch and light and comfortable. The strap is equipped with a button-type folding buckle, which can be worn with a single touch, which is simple and fast.

   The watch’s stainless steel case back is emblazoned with the Jakarta Asian Games logo, adding a memorable meaning to this watch.

Summary: When the equipment is too cumbersome, the Tissot Tengzhi series Asian Games special watch has more than 20 practical functions, which can bring more convenience to sports and travel. Coupled with environmental protection and long-lasting solar charging function, even the travel watch can continue to run, there is no shortage of good choices for sports and travel. If you like this watch, you can pay more attention.